Disability Insurance

You can easily lose short term disability and long term disability insurance benefits that you are entitled to.  You have to provide the insurance company with the right information, so that they will not be able to deny your claim.  We know what the insurance companies, and the employers and unions who manage their own plans, look for, and how they evaluate claims.  We work with you, your employer and your doctors to present your claim in the best way possible.  We can help you locate medical and vocational experts whose reports can make your claim stronger. If your initial disability claim has already been denied, we can help you get your claim file from the insurance company to understand how and why they made their decision, and then help you file an appeal within the insurance company, or litigate the claim in federal or state court. 

We combine our background in disability insurance law with our knowledge of the special procedures under ERISA, the federal law that covers most disability policies you get through work.  We have successfully handled claims against the largest disability insurance companies, including Cigna, DMS, Equitable, Hartford, MetLife, Paul Revere, Provident, Reliance, Prudential, and UnumProvident.  From our location in Media, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia, we have helped clients up and down the East Coast with their disability claims.

Whether your employer is private or public or you are self-employed, whether you purchased your disability insurance yourself or through your employer, or simply are covered by your employer’s or union’s group insurance, we can provide the legal assistance and advice you need to secure your disability benefits or get them reinstated if they have been denied or terminated.  We offer a variety of options regarding fees for our services, including contingent fees, tailored to your individual situation, which we will discuss with you. 

Please call us, or send us an email, so that we can begin the process of understanding your situation.

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